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Episodes featuring Buck Angel

Get Thee to a Therapist, Go. With Buck Angel.

Gather round the circle listeners, as Dan invokes the serenity prayer to council a woman who is being trolled by her neighbor’s WiFi network name. A trans man who has not yet begun his transition, is angry and frustrated that he can’t find any gay men who are interested in him. Buck Angel, (a.k.a the […]

Buck Angel!

If your Tinder guy can’t get it up, should you move on, or give him a chance? A woman is dating a man 13 years her senior. Is this sort of age difference inherently immoral because…Woody Allen? On the Magnum, a deep dive into trans world with Buck Angel (a.k.a. The Man with a Pussy.) […]

Buck Angel talks about changing desire with transitioning.

A woman battling cancer wishes to marry her boyfriend. But he’s not quite ready. Maybe a sex-advice podcaster can convince him? Another woman doesn’t understand why her married male friends keep kitting on her. What signal is she sending out and how can she make it stop? On the Magnum, Dan chats with transman filmmaker […]

Dan speaks with Buck Angel on dating FtM transsexuals.

Dan desperately tries to convince a young gay man to use a condom when hooking up with random hot Australians.  The amazing Buck Angel speaks with Dan about dating FtM transsexuals.  And sex educator Amy Lang helps explain how to teach your son to avoid the dreaded Death Grip Syndrome.  And more. 206-201-2720 Today’s episode […]