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Savage Lovecast Archives for 2013

2014 is looking just as pervy as 2013.

A gal is convinced her good friend is a homo. Should she use her wiles to lure him out of the closet? A lad is good friends with a woman who admitted she has a crush on him. He doesn’t feel the same way about her, but knows she would make a great life partner. … Read More »

This is what “Christmas” looks like at the Savage Lovecast.

In this very special “Christmas” episode of the Savage Lovecast, you may detect a theme of problematic families. Bigot uncles, closet cases, intolerant mothers, that sort of thing. However! You get to wash it all down with some Dina Martina at the end, so, there’s that… But seriously folks. Happy holidays from all of us … Read More »

Tell me I’m Pretty.

A gay man and his straight friend find their relationship has changed forever. To find out why, you’ll just have to listen. Can porn kill your boner? How to deal with a creep-o co-worker. On the Magnum version, a lesbian is sick of her girlfriend being closeted. But is this specific Christmas the right time … Read More »

Slut-shaming roommates gone wild!

A sexually active woman is slut-shamed by her own roommates in a prudish house intervention. A caller wonders if gay men will pay to be dominated. In the deep South. On the Magnum version, Dan speaks with author Emily Maguire about how our culture puts forth the idea that women don’t enjoy sex, so men … Read More »

No kissing at the orgy.

When attending an orgy, what is the proper etiquette in explaining that you are deathly allergic to beeswax, and therefore cannot kiss anyone for fear one of attendees might have used lip balm? Demi-sexuality: Is it a thing? A woman wonders if she should try to explain birth control to her inexperienced cousin, on her … Read More »

The Tortured Creamed Corn Metaphor.

A man and his wife have agreed to divorce. But they have to keep living together for 3 more months. Would it be shabby to start sleeping with the hot gal that lives down the block? An 18 year old girl is engaged to be married to a man who she already knows to be … Read More »

Lesbian Roller Derby Sleepover, you guys!!

Is it selfish to have a vasectomy? Lesbian roller derby sleepover! A lesbian couple are hosting a sleepover for the all-girl roller derby team that they coach. Some of the girls are gay, and coupled. Should the girls all sleep in one big dog pile where they can be monitored, or should the couples have … Read More »

Behold…the Lesbian DEMON!!!

An erotic masseuse has serviced an estimated 5000 dicks, over the course of 23 years, to support her family. Now what? A gay man engaged to his boyfriend of 7 years tumbled into bed with a woman after getting drunk. His specific question for Dan is “What am I DOING?!” On the Magnum Lovecast this … Read More »

Do bisexuals need a new label?

Do bisexuals need a new label? Dan interviews Salon writer Anna Pulley on bi nomenclature. Listen in as Dan convinces a mother to leave her conservative, bigoted church because of their anti-gay views. A poly couple have brought a new lover into the fold. But there’s a hitch! He’s terrified of vaginas. And so much … Read More »

Dan and the mortician talk about DEATH.

This week Dan talks sex and death with Caitlin Doughty of Ask a Mortician. Spooky! Dan also chats with Dr. Sydnee and Justin McElroy of the Sawbones podcast about “treatments” for STi’s in medical history including huffing mercury, injecting liquid silver and squashing anal warts between stones. Also, mummies with crabs. Scary! And, a woman … Read More »

Season 16 is here!

Welcome to Season 16 of the Savage Lovecast! This Magnum season has 26 episodes, from October 22 through April 22. Click the Season Subscription button to get yours. On this week’s Magnum, Dan interviews Jesse Bering, author of “Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us.” They discuss finding the right porn, spanking, “every-sexuals,” exhibitionism, … Read More »

Who knew science could be so sexy?

THE NEXT SEASON (SEASON 16) OF THE SAVAGE LOVECAST WILL DROP ON OCTOBER 22ND. Come back here to get it then. A gay man wonders if he should bring mace to his first date. Dan consoles a woman who feels horribly guilty for blowing a selfish, but scorchingly hot dude. When a lover threatens suicide … Read More »

A tale of the co-ed locker room you’ll not soon forget.

Season 16 approaches! The new season will start on October 22. Be sure to come back here then, to renew or or subscribe for the first time. A maligned man is stigmatized among his social circle for having herpes. A closeted bi woman wonders if she should stop slapping the asses of the rest of … Read More »

It’s Fashion Week with Simon Doonan!

There’s a lot of bisexuality sloshing around this show. Dan speaks with Ellyn Ruthstrom of the Bisexual Resource Center on coming out, and seeking acceptance from both straight and gay folks. A bi woman who is married to a man wonders how to let the world know she’s bi, when the topic doesn’t come up … Read More »

How can we help homeless LGBT youth?

Are young ladies allowed to call or “text” unattached, young men to ask for a date? Or would this tarnish a girl’s valued reputation? A sex worker wonders if it’s ethical for her to fake orgasms with her clients. On the Magnum version, Dan speaks with the saintly Carl Siciliano, from NYC’s Ali Forney Center, … Read More »

Legit Slut-Shaming???

A gay man’s truly evil step-mother falsely accused him of sexually assaulting his younger siblings. His father never rose to his defense. Should he forgive his father or cut off ties? Penises, penises, penises. That’s all her ex-girlfriend could ever think about! Is Penis Envy a real thing? And now that she’s free of this … Read More »

It’s Bible study time…

Dan speaks with pro-gay rights Christian John Shore about the NALT Project. Non-douchey Christians: here’s your chance to speak up. www.NotAllLikeThat.org A woman discovers (through snooping, how else?) that her boyfriend is into cross-dressing. How can she let him know she approves without letting on that she snooped? A man in a sugar mama relationship … Read More »

What gives YOU a boner?

A man (with a British accent that had the tech-savvy, at-risk youth panting like hound dogs at noon,) likes to cat around town, despite his ostensibly monogamous relationship. (Even the way he says “monogamous” is swoon-worthy.) Can or should he change for his girlfriend? Dan speaks with the venerable Dr. Chu about the rare phenomenon … Read More »

The Nipple Thing.

Dan helps a woman determine the fine line between over-permissiveness and slut-shaming for her 14 year-old step-daughter. In more hand-wringing, a young man wants to be sure he obtains consent from his lucky ladies, but how much asking is too much asking? On the Magnum show, a woman’s boyfriend enjoys a nosefull of cocaine every … Read More »

Dating “Senior Sensitivo.”

“Cum Dumpster.” Is this a sweet, sexy term, or just plain nasty? A straight woman in Texas feels like a nelly gay man trapped in a woman’s body. How can she find her people? A woman has been using OK Cupid for 2 years and still hasn’t gotten any action. So Dan chats with OK … Read More »

Brazilian waxing for the discerning, hirsute gentleman.

After over a year of dating a woman online that the caller had never met, he is horrified to learn that she isn’t at all who she said she was. What now? Bloody lovin’: Dan brings on a pointy-headed professor to discuss the taboo against sex with a menstruating woman. On the Magnum version, Dan … Read More »

Burlesque vs. Stripping

A straight man has been the recipient of some rather shoddy pegging. Dan sets him on a better course. A woman’s older boyfriend insists her gay friends are out to sleep with her. Dan senses dark machinations at work. Are you, a straight woman, obliged to inform your hook-up that his dick stinks to high … Read More »

How to be a friendly but professional unicorn.

A woman has become a regular third (unicorn) for a couple’s three-ways. They buy her dinner and drinks. Should she get get over feeling like a mooch and just gracefully accept their largess? When he was in first grade, a man recalls a friend who used to roll around with him and kiss him. How … Read More »

Dan’s talk with Ari Shapiro at Town Hall Seattle.

Listen in as Dan Savage and Ari Shapiro (fancy-pants White House correspondent for NPR) drink, talk about monogamy and Dan’s book, drink, talk about covering the Mitt Romney campaign, something about Dan’s son “coming out” as straight, drink, talk and then drink. This all went down on Father’s Day at Town Hall in Seattle. It’s … Read More »

When Gays ATTACK!

Her boyfriend wants it every day. She can manage 4-6 times per week but he still berates her for not putting out enough. Who’s side will Dan come down on? Here’s another gem of a boyfriend: He won’t compliment her or show any signs of affection. He hasn’t told his friends about her, and won’t … Read More »

Dan celebrates DOMA’s demise with Evan Wolfson.

Hooray for happy rants! Dan tells you how he felt and what he did when he found out that DOMA was repealed. A man’s random ejaculation resulted in a child. Now the child is 12 and neither she, nor her mother’s husband knows that he is her biological father. Should he tell? Is there a … Read More »

Garfunkel & Oates! Squeeeee!

First off, prepare yourself for the most Depressing Rant Ever. (We recorded this show well before DOMA went DOWN.) A young gay man connected with another lad on Grindr. Then he met up with a different man, at the SAME HOUSE. What tomfoolery is this? A lad and his boyfriend are planning to try out … Read More »

Dan chats with the Perverted Negress.

Kids today! A woman agrees to give her new lover her used panties. He then reports that his eleven-year old nephew got a hold of them and did unspeakable things with them. What kind of messed up family are we dealing with here? Another kid! Listen to this kid! She’s 18, and her gay co-worker … Read More »

We KNOW what women really want.

How soon is too soon for anal? A woman who had a brief foray into sex work long ago wonders how to tell her partners without shame, rejection or titillation. And more. On the Magnum version you’ll hear everything in the Micro version plus… An interview with Daniel Bergner, author of What Women Want about … Read More »

Are therapists bad for your sex life?

On this week’s Micro version, how should you comport yourself when you’re the Dungeon Monitor, and you have to watch your ex-girlfriend be some other guy’s slave? A woman with high libido drifts from sex-negative guy to sex-negative guy. Why would she do this? Dan speaks with Tom Plummer from ImmigrationEquality.org about the plight of … Read More »

This show is for the ladies.

This show is for the ladies. First Dan attempts to smash the patriarchy with his opening rant. Then he sticks up for a woman whose military husband won’t fuck her. And! The magically clever and hilarious Lindy West comes forth with the female perspective on men who think your vagina is disgusting. There was a … Read More »

“I got no stake in his balls.”

A woman met a man in a bar and they exchanged numbers. Then she sent him some steamy, hot, erotic fiction that she wrote. About him. What’s the reading on the Good Sense-O-Meter? Ladies! When creeps dish out cat-calls and unwanted touches, how do you respond? We want to hear your stories. 206-201-2720 On the … Read More »

Dan and Mistress Matisse chat about BDSM.

“She wants a dom, not a dick.” Gather round everyone, and listen in as Dan Savage and Mistress Matisse gab about BDSM, where kink comes from, fantasy BDSM vs. non-consensual abuse and how to meet a kinky mate. Also, hear the blow by blow account of a woman who went from her unicorn audition to … Read More »

Tales of open relationships gone horribly wrong.

Tales of open relationships gone bad. Is it so wrong to move in with your boyfriend to save on rent? Also, is it against the rules of matrimony to not serve cake at a wedding? Plus on the Magnum show, Dan speaks with sexual health educator Debby Herbenick about lube and ladies and Vibrator Addiction … Read More »

Accidental lady-buggering; It’s a thing!

How should you respond when your cousin accidentally sends you a naked pic? Dick growing pills. Any money in that racket? Dan speaks with Dr. Thomas Clark from the CDC about a new worrisome meningitis outbreak among gay men. And, over on the Magnum side: Finally the answer to the age old question of whether … Read More »

“The Great Little Big Thing that is Sex.”

“Am I just his beard?” asks a woeful girlfriend. Another gal did a little snooping, and discovered that her man has a “happy endings map” of all the places he could visit that will add pleasure to his upcoming business trip. Should she freak? Over on the Magnums, drag queens in hillbilly country, and an … Read More »

Dan helps a sneeze fetishist with a clever plan.

Dan helps a sneeze fetishist concoct a plan to make her sex life more…sneezy. Growing up, a man had insufficient testosterone. Now that he’s taking meds he suddenly has the drive to pursue women. How can he develop the confidence to match? If you spring for the Magnum you’ll meet a couple of very GGG … Read More »

What are lesbians- chamomile tea?

A woman caring for her father with dementia discovers that he is a pedophile, though she thinks he never acts on his desires. Should she tell her mom? The nurses in his house? A man needs to think about lesbian relationships before he can nod off to sleep. What are lesbians- chamomile tea? Ken Cuccinelli: … Read More »

Dan speaks with a foot model about creepos in the foot fetish community.

What a chatterbox Dan Savage is this week! He speaks with a foot model about creepos in the foot fetish community, and tears 14 new…apertures into a misbehaving drunky lass who just doesn’t get straight privilege. Confidential to Drunky McBlackout lass- they’re having a sale on sheets over at LinenSource. 206-201-2720

Meet Naughty Dr. Pee-Pee and the Patient with a Secret.

Meet Naughty Dr. Pee-Pee and the Patient with a Secret. Those of you in the medical or dental professions will find this episode most… illuminating. A man is feeling hella anxiety over the fact that his girlfriend makes a lot more money than he does. Should he make her pay for dinner already? A young … Read More »

The Cannibal Cop, has been found guilty. Sleep a little easier, ladies everywhere.

This week Dan speaks again with Slate reporter Daniel Engber now that Gilberto Valle, AKA the Cannibal Cop, has been found guilty. Sleep a little easier, ladies everywhere.  Also, how to get your lover to open up a (consensual) can of whup-ass on you, whether breast feeding fuels teenagers’ erotic imaginations, and the ethical ramifications … Read More »

It seems like everyone is angry at the gays.

It seems like everyone is angry at the gays. Hear the super-sad tale of a father outed and then hated by his own daughter. But she doesn’t hate him too much to accept his financial aid… And, 4 years after proposing on the top of the Eiffel Tower to his wife, a man finally comes … Read More »

Initiate the three-way sequence!

How does one go about inviting a man over for dinner, when you really want to initiate the three-way sequence?  Pointy-headed science writer Jesse Bering speaks with Dan about the ubiquity of fantasies involving power and control.  And, squirm along as Dan speaks with Slate reporter Daniel Engber on the horrifying tale of the cannibal … Read More »

With special guests Joan Price and John Schwartz.

This week Dan welcomes two guests. Joan Price, author of “Naked at Our Age” talks about sex in your golden years. And John Schwartz author of “Oddly Normal” speaks with Dan about the challenges of raising a gay teen.  And a lot more.  206-201-2720 This episode is brought to you by Audible. Download a free … Read More »

The freaky live show we did at the Neptune Theater.

This is the live taping of the freaky show we did at the Neptune Theater featuring Simon Rich, Mistress Matisse, Audrey from Babeland and others. Have a listen, close your eyes and use your twisted imagination.  206-201-2720  This episode is brought to you by Babeland.com. Get 10% off plus free shipping when you click the … Read More »

Lesbian sleepovers- a parent’s dilemma.

A young lesbian is offended that her parents won’t let her have her best friend, also a lesbian, join her for a sleepover. Are her parents being homophobic? Or just parents?  Another lesbian’s conservative Christian parents have moved from bald unacceptance to covert unacceptance. Is this progress?  Dan speaks with Eric Klinenberg, author of Going … Read More »

Dan speaks with Buck Angel on dating FtM transsexuals.

Dan desperately tries to convince a young gay man to use a condom when hooking up with random hot Australians.  The amazing Buck Angel speaks with Dan about dating FtM transsexuals.  And sex educator Amy Lang helps explain how to teach your son to avoid the dreaded Death Grip Syndrome.  And more. 206-201-2720 Today’s episode … Read More »

All hail Planned Parenthood!

All hail Planned Parenthood! On today’s show the Lovecast welcomes Dr. Anna Kaminski, senior physician for the venerable organization, who can calmly explain to Dan that scabies are not spiders, and consider the dangers of drinking blood without running screaming from the building.  When can we have you back, Anna?  206-201-2720 This episode is brought … Read More »

Tales of addiction.

Tales of addiction; A woman in recovery worries that if she introduces S&M into her relationship that it will consume her life like booze or heroin. And, Dan speaks with Dr. Marty Klein on challenging the myth of sex addiction.  A woman with homophobic, conservative parents has two gay brothers. How can she keep the … Read More »

Dan welcomes very special guest star Mistress Matisse to discuss S&M…

Dan welcomes very special guest star Mistress Matisse to discuss S&M when you’re really, really mad. Also Dan goes into the finer details of hickey etiquette, and clears up once and for all whether mutual masturbation is fact or fiction. Call, call, call.  206-201-2720 This episode is brought to you by Audible. Download a free … Read More »

Sex with your ex’s brother: the ultimate revenge.

A gay man started his coming out process by announcing that he was bi to his parents. Now that he knows he’s a full ‘mo, how can he convince his skeptical parents?  The ultimate revenge: a woman and her ex-fiance are long broken up. But his super-hot brother is coming to town… Sex in a … Read More »

Welcome to 2013 where the sexual landscape is just as freaky as 2012.

Welcome to 2013 where the sexual landscape seems just as freaky as it did in 2012. Highlights from todays show: a woman dating a closet asexual, a daughter who realizes that both she and her mother are subs, a man whose boyfriend rejects him because he isn’t hairy enough, and a man who literally gets … Read More »