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Episodes featuring Trae Crowder

Sex & Politics #24: Trae Crowder

"The Liberal Redneck"
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For this Sex & Politics, Dan brings back our favorite hillbilly, comedian Trae Crowder. His YouTube rants were a balm during the Trump years, giving leftie lectures in a Deep South accent. He and Dan talk about how people perceive his Southern drawl, whether “redneck” is equivalent to the N-word, JD Vance, “blue sheep” in […]

With the Liberal Redneck!

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Dan welcomes Trae Crowder, or “the Liberal Redneck” (our favorite redneck) to tackle some questions about conservative Christian bigots, guns and spit. It’s a great conversation- do have a listen. Also, a lesbian is dismayed that her girlfriend insists she take a shower every time they have sex. Is she a germophobe or… what? And, […]