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Dumb Kids

I’m a gay high school sophomore, and I’ve had no luck finding other guys. I turned to the Internet and met a really nice guy who wants to help me live out my dreams of being another dude’s sex slave. He offered to pick me up after school and take me to his house. The only problem is, he’s 38 and I’m 15. My parents don’t know about any of this. Should I say sure to this plan, or should I go to the cops?

Fifteen and Gay


Look, FAG, I understand what you’re going through. It sucks to be 15 and gay and isolated. And it sucks to be horny and frustrated. And while your desires–your dream of being another dude’s sex slave–are perfectly delightful fantasies, the safe, sane, responsible people out there who share them...

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...slave–are perfectly delightful fantasies, the safe, sane, responsible people out there who share them will not play with kids your age. All you know for sure about this 38-year-old man is that he’s willing to pick a 15-year-old boy up after school and take him home and “enslave” him. Ask yourself this: Would a really nice guy into BDSM troll the Internet for kids your age? No, FAG–really nice kinky guys don’t do that. Since this asshole is willing to break the law to get into your pants (he probably broke the law just talking to you about it), what other illegal things might he be willing to do? Once he has you at his house, what assurance do you have that he will let you leave? What assurance do you have that he will refrain from doing things to you that you don’t want done? You could get infected with HIV, brutalized, raped, or killed. Or all of the above. Trust me, FAG, in a few years you’ll start meeting more guys around your own age, and you won’t feel so isolated. And when you’re legal, I promise you that you’ll start to meet the nice kinky guys–kinky guys who share your fantasies but aren’t willing to break the law and rape teenagers to realize them. Finally, I’d like to invite folks into BDSM to write in with their advice for guys and girls like FAG–what do kinky young people with access to the Internet need to know? How can they tell the good kinky people from the bad? And as for whether FAG should go to the cops, I’m going to punt that question. What do you, kinky and nonkinky readers alike, think? Should FAG go to the cops? I have some thoughts, but I want to hear yours first. I’m an 18-year-old girl in a small town in Tennessee. My best friend David is fairly antisocial. The problem is that he wants to move in with a woman he met online. David is my age, and this woman is 22! She lives in San Francisco, and he’s never even met her! They talk over Instant Messenger and she seems nice, but I don’t like it. David thinks he’s in love. His parents are totally against this relationship, and the girl is catching shit from her friends in San Francisco. I went along with this whole deal for a while, I’ll admit, but I never thought it was going to get this far. David says that he loves me for standing by him. What I really want to do is take a bat to his head and beat some logic into him. I wish I could tell him that he’s making a terrible mistake. What can I do? I’ve been reading your column since I was 14, and I would really appreciate your advice. Freaking in Tennessee PS: Just one last thing, and it’s for me–I’m about to enter college, and I’m still a virgin. I’m really nervous about having sex. I know I’m going to be inept at first, but will being a virgin turn people off? Unlike FAG and the fucking creep who offered to pick him up at school, your friend David and his friend in San Francisco are both adults–young adults, which makes their willingness to take a chance on love kinda charming, even if the odds are stacked against them. Yes, David is probably about to make a terrible mistake, FIT, and David may wind up with a broken heart, which will suck for David. And, hey, maybe what David really wants is to get the hell out of that small town in Tennessee, and his relationship with this woman is just his excuse. And shit, FIT, at 18 you’re supposed to make a few terrible mistakes. Still, as a friend, you owe it to David to tell him how you feel–but tell him gently, and tell him you’re still on his side. Warn him about the long odds, and ask him to be realistic. Make sure he has a backup plan in case it turns out he’s not into this woman once he meets her in person. (Is he going to stay in San Francisco? Where will he live? How will he support himself?) And if you want to be the greatest best friend in the whole sordid history of best friends, go to San Francisco with him. If it’s a disaster, David will need your support. If he’s blinded by love, David may not be able to see the track marks on her arms, the five o’clock shadow on “her” face, or the Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on her car. You will, though, and you can point them out if you’re there. And if she’s wonderful and it works out–fat chance, but stranger things have happened–you can vouch for this woman to folks back home. PS: No one you’d want to sleep with once you get to college is going to hold your virginity against you. Just be honest with potential sex partners: You’re ready, willing, able, enthusiastic, and inexperienced. If they know where you’re coming from, they’ll regard your initial ineptitude as a charming challenge. PISS, the woman having a hard time peeing on her boyfriend, doesn’t have to spend $350 for a sex-toy toilet. Portable camping toilets are much cheaper. They’re basically toilet seats on legs. The logistics may be a little more challenging because this toilet wasn’t designed to have a person down under it, but since it costs as little as $10, it seems worth a shot. And if her mom finds it in a closet, she can tell her it’s for camping. Outdoors Woman As a fellow lesbian ejaculator, I have a money-saving tip for Water Works. If she’s looking for something less expensive and more comfortable than $200 rubber sheets, she can buy underpads from a medical supply store. They come in disposable or washable options, and they’re a lot cheaper. Howard Medical sells a carton of 200 disposable underpads for $30. Less Expensive Solution, Better Option Thanks for the money-saving tips, OW & LESBO. The options I presented to PISS and WW were pricey, I admit, but I was only trying to save American jobs. The last thing our faltering economy needs right now is for the normally robust fetish-gear sector to go into a slump. mail@savagelove.net