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Joe Newton

1. How long after a divorce does someone become “emotionally available” for a new relationship?

Someone who initiated a divorce—someone who made up their mind, got a lawyer, and filed the paperwork—is probably going to be “emotionally available” a little sooner than someone who was blindsided when their spouse “asked” for a divorce. (It’s not really an “ask,” since you don’t need someone’s permission to divorce them.) But if the person who initiated the divorce was being abused, they may need more time to recover from the marriage than the “blindsided” abuser they left. And if a marriage wound down after a decade or two and the decision to divorce was mutual and amicable, both parties could be “emotionally available” before they’ve taken their rings off, much less finalized the divorce.

2. Is being a “vaginaphile” an acceptable thing in 2023? Regardless of the other person’s...

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...g> an acceptable thing in 2023? Regardless of the other person’s identity? Absolutely. Dick is nice, I’m a fan, but dick isn’t for everyone. Same goes for pussy. I find it strange that it’s often the same people who insist demisexuality is valid (and it is) and sapiosexuality is valid (and it is) and asexuality is valid (and it is) who will turn around and insist that homosexuality (being attracted to members of the same sex) or heterosexuality (being attracted to members of the opposite sex) somehow aren’t valid (and they are). 3. Pro-tips for someone who’s never eaten ass before but wants to? We’re not going to run out of ass—our strategic national ass reserves are well-stocked—so don’t feel like you have to eat all the ass the first time you try. Take it slow. Suck the dick or eat the pussy of your freshly showered partner, wander down to the taint, then go deep—take a couple of swipes at the ass with your tongue—before retreating back to the taint, giving yourself time to assess, and then dive back in if you’re enjoying it as much as your partner is. 4. I’m living with my boyfriend’s parents for a few weeks. I need to get laid. Suggestions please? I would suggest fucking your boyfriend. If you don’t feel comfortable fucking him in his parents’ house, fuck him on their roof, fuck him in the showers at the gym, fuck him in the nearest bar with a single-stall restroom and a door that locks. Obstacles can frustrate desire, yes, but they can just as easily fuel desire—so long as you have the right attitude about them. 5. My relationship with my husband—with my everything—is in trouble. We were together for a few years, then he got busted with drugs and wound up in prison, and we lost contact for 20 years. Then I saw his profile on Facebook and we wound up talking for a long time. I hate blow jobs in part because I was forced to give this guy a blowjob when I was a teenager. He says blowjobs are what he desires the most. He has to have blowjobs, that’s his bottom line. I gag. I throw up, I get angry and feel sad. He can’t even get it up most of the time. I want him to fuck me so bad, but it’s just not in the cards for me. He is horny all the time and I’m going through menopause and have no desire. He thinks I don’t love him anymore! Please help! We don’t want to lose each other! At least, I don’t want to lose him. He is fucking me up mentally. He is very persistent. He wants a blowjob every day. Whenever he can get it. I can’t last long enough to make him cum. My jaw is dislocated from my ex-husband. You are my last chance to save this. Anyone who sees their partner weeping in a puddle of their own puke after they’ve performed a particular sex act and then says, “I’m gonna need you to do that every day for the rest of your life or we’re through,” is an asshole. Call his bluff: tell him he’s free to go but if he chooses to stay, there will be no more blowjobs. I can’t promise you he won’t leave… but whether he accepts your terms (and stops demanding blowjobs) or makes good on his threats (and good luck to him finding blowjobs elsewhere), you’ll be better off. 6. Is it normal for a gay guy to not be interested in penetrative sex? Most gay men enjoy penetration (fucking, getting fucked, flip fucking), but not every gay man is into anal sex. “Some men prefer what’s called outercourse, which is everything except penetration,” said Dr. Joe Kort, the psychotherapist and author who went viral earlier this year after coining a term for gay men who aren’t interested in penetrative sex. “Other people might think of outercourse as foreplay, but that implies that the main act is intercourse, but some gay men aren’t tops or bottoms. They’re sides.” 7. Best lube for PIV? Foreplay. 8. 1. How many people have had sex with more than one member of the same family? 2. Anyone had sex with every member of the same family? 3. Including the parents? 1. Don’t know. 2. Don’t know. 3. Hope not. 9. Gay guy here into threesomes and playing with gay couples. How do you tell someone that you hooked up with in a threesome (half of a couple) that you would rather hook up with him solo because you’re not that into his partner? This has happened to me a couple of times recently. Be direct with the one you’re into without being cruel to the one you’re not: “I would like to hook up with you again, but just the two of us.” If he asks why, be honest: “I’m into you but not your partner.” If they “only play together,” if a one-on-one hookup would constitute cheating in the context of their relationship, well, then you’ll either have to fuck them both again (which you’ll regret) or you’ll have to go find someone else to fuck (which shouldn’t be that hard). 10. Am I a bad guy for dating a married man in a sexless marriage who has kids in college? Nope. 11. Does bottoming make your butt bigger? More muscular? Bottoming ≠ squats—that’s cum you’re having injected into your ass, not steroids. 12. I’m curious what type of guys Dan Savage is most attracted to. Also, does Mr. Savage like receiving explicit pics from his fans? Mr. Savage is primarily attracted to men with what Mr. Savage has described as “Muppet faces,” i.e., men with large mouths, big eyes, and other exaggerated facial features. Not one of the men that Mr. Savage has ever dated and/or married regarded “Muppet-faced” as a compliment, despite Mr. Savage’s sometimes frantic efforts to explain that “Muppet-faced” was meant as a compliment. Indeed, so far as Mr. Savage is concerned, “Muppet-faced” is the highest compliment he could possibly bestow. For the record: Mr. Savage does not require his sex partners to wear fuzzy body suits, spray chocolate chip cookie crumbs all over the bed, or pop out of garbage cans to heap verbal abuse on him. Mr. Savage welcomes explicit pics. Men with Muppet faces are particularly encouraged to submit. 13. A young gay male friend has referred to his ass as his “cunt” in front of me, a cis female, and he was not having sex at the time. (You wrote last week that this was something young gay men do while having sex, with their sex partners, and not with their woman friends.) I found this offensive and told him so. He rolled his eyes. Now what? I don’t want to spank him but I might have to. I’m happy to spank him for you — provided he’s got a Muppet face and a nice cunt. Gift Magnum Subscriptions are only $25/year from now until December 31st! Give your loved one the gift of the Magnum Lovecast, the Maxi Savage Love, and Dan’s exclusive live events. Send your question right here on Savage.Love. mailbox@savage.love

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