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I accidentally discovered that
my son-in-law is into BDSM sex as a “dominant.” A few weeks ago, he was
holding one of my dog’s leashes and tried to stop my dog (a docile
golden retriever) from running up to another dog by violently yanking
on the leash. My 65-pound dog was violently spun around.

I reacted in a very hostile manner. He
defended his actions, and I started swearing at him. My daughter told
me I was overreacting, and they left in a huff. I realized later that I
was thinking about my son-in-law inflicting pain on my daughter in the
same way he did to my dog. I can’t stomach the thought of seeing him
again and decided that I had to explain my reasons to my daughter. I
said that I could not accept her husband getting pleasure from causing
her pain. She reacted with hostility, first telling me it...

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...to my daughter. I said that I could not accept her husband getting pleasure from causing her pain. She reacted with hostility, first telling me it was none of my business and then denying he behaved in that manner. I didn’t tell my daughter that I had snooped in their home and found his ligatures and spanking porn. I feel that getting pleasure out of causing another person pain and humiliation is not an acceptable form of behavior. Now my daughter and son-in-law are not speaking to me. I don’t ever want to see him again but would like to salvage my relationship with my daughter. Any advice? Distressed And Depressed Apologize. I am a 27-year-old female with an active sex life. I enjoy sex while high, for pot’s ability to help me lose my inhibitions and for the way it makes me feel. The problem is that marijuana leaves my mouth bone-dry—not conducive to a good blowjob. Water barely works to solve the problem. How can I smoke presex and still drum up enough saliva for a good blow? Blowing Smoke Your problem is very interesting, BS, but I have more to say to DAD. Hold tight a minute. Look, DAD, your daughter is right. What she and her husband get up to in bed—or playroom or sex club—isn’t any of your business. And while you may feel that “causing another person pain and humiliation is not an acceptable form of behavior,” someone who finds pain and humiliation erotic—someone like your daughter—might come to a different conclusion. Like the parents of the kinky gay kid whose boyfriend wrote in a couple of weeks back, DAD, you snooped and consequently learned some things about your kid that you didn’t need to know. You learned stuff that you, as a parent, have a right not to know. And guess what? It’s your own damn fault. Your only option now—after you apologize to your daughter and your son-in-law—is to pretend that you don’t know what you damn well do know. And, DAD, that’s an awfully big leap you’re making from “my son-in-law accidentally hurt my dog” to “my son-in-law is intentionally abusing my daughter.” Not knowing how to pull a dog away from another dog isn’t proof that your SIL engages in intentionally cruel, nonconsensual, dangerous BDSM sex. Okay, so he doesn’t know from dogs. But you can rest assured, DAD, that most people into BDSM are careful and considerate and make sure their bottoms or subs are human, for starters, and enjoying the ligatures and spankings just as much as they are because, you see, that’s the only way BDSM tops can keep bottoms and subs coming back for more. While it’s unfortunate that seeing your son-in-law with a leash in his hand conjured up some upsetting mental images—like, oh, your daughter being “violently spun around” —those mental images are, again, your own fault, DAD, and you’re going to have to take some responsibility for ’em. But take comfort. Ligatures and spanking porn are softcore, as BDSM gear and interests go. Spend 10 minutes surfing around www.mr-s-leather.com, www.medicaltoys.com, or www.christiandomesticdiscipline.com to get a taste of how much more extreme your daughter and son-in-law’s interests could be. Then go sit down with your daughter and ask her to explain a bit about her turn-ons to you, because you need some reassurance that she’s not being abused and that her sex life with the son-in-law, whatever form it takes, is mutually pleasurable, consensual, and rewarding. And finally, promise her that you will never, ever bring any of this up again, that you won’t go snooping ever again, and that you won’t hold any of this against your son-in-law. Okay, BS, your problem can be solved with a can of Coke—or, better yet, Pepsi, which just donated $500,000 to Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, all but daring the American Family Association to launch a boycott. 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