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I’m a 29-year-old cis straight male. What are the ethics of having a minor cum/breeding kink? Thanks, Dan!

No one chooses their kinks—our kinks choose us—so having a kink doesn’t raise ethical issues. Acting on our kinks… making choices that impact others… that’s where ethical concerns kick in. So, if it turns you on to “breed” someone, as the gay boys (very problematically!) like to say, and you never act on it, if you just sit in your apartment wanking about it, there are no ethical issues. But if you act on this kink with another person—if you want to have unprotected sex with a woman—you need to make sure she’s aware of the risks going in and that birth control is her responsibility. And you should be fully aware—going in and out and in and out—that child support could be your...

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...d out—that child support could be your responsibility. (Also, you should read Ejaculate Responsibly: A Whole New Way to Think About Abortion by Gabrielle Blair.) I have misophonia. Blowjob noises make me sick. Is it possible to give a quiet blowjob? Misophonia is a sensory disorder that makes certain sounds extremely unpleasant; eating sounds—mouth noises—can be particularly triggering for sufferers. Noise-cancelling headphones seem like an obvious solution, but they won’t work, as noises made in your own mouth have a very different path to your eardrums. So, what you need are noise-generating headphones, i.e., regular ol’ headphones blasting music cranked up so loud you literally can’t hear anything else—not even those plunger-being-used-in-desperation-as-the-water-rises-to-the-top-of-the-toilet-bowl sounds someone giving a blowjob makes when their work is almost done. Beginning to think I’m bad at sex. I try to be GGG. Any tips? Sex isn’t just about giving pleasure; it’s not just about being GGG for your partner. It’s also about taking pleasure and giving your partner the opportunity to be GGG for you. So, figure out what it is you like and what you want—sex acts or scenarios or dirty talk or materials that turn you on—and find someone who wants to give you those things, and take them. I’m a bi woman in her mid-30s a few years into an open/poly marriage to a man. I’ve fallen pretty hard for my girlfriend of six months. I’ve had relationships with women before getting married, but this one has me questioning if I’d be happier as a fully-fledged lesbian. How do I work out if this is just NRE (new relationship energy), a specific connection with her, or actually a waning interest in men altogether? Wanting to be with your new girlfriend all the time—that’s NRE for you—doesn’t mean you’d be happier as a lesbian, fully-fledged or otherwise. But it doesn’t not mean that either. You won’t know how you’re going to feel until the NRE wears off, which it should soon. My boyfriend doesn’t want an open relationship and won’t have sex with me. But he looks at Grindr and watches a lot of porn. What do I do? “I love you, honey, and I can do a sexless relationship—I mean, that’s what we’ve been doing for a while, so I can obviously do it—but I’m not going to lead a sexless existence. So, we’re either opening our relationship or we’re ending it. One or the other, your choice.” (My hunch is that your boyfriend has already opened things on his end, literally and figuratively. Guys don’t get on Grindr for the recipes. So, it’s ultimatum time.) Best advice for keeping sex hot in your late 40s, when you’re tired, you hurt, you’re crabby, and you’re bitter? Realistic expectations, scheduled sex, pot edibles, E.D. meds, and erotic adventures planned months in advance (anticipation is a turn-on). I have a vanilla boyfriend (of three years) and a Master (of three years). My boyfriend knows. My Master wants my boyfriend to start asking Him—to call and ask Him—for His permission whenever my boyfriend wants to have sex with me, since I’m His “property,” but I know my boyfriend won’t want to do this and will be angry that I asked. I love both, in very different ways, and I don’t know what to do. (My Master uses He/Him pronouns, always uppercased. If you respond, please use uppercase He/Him in reference to my Master.) Like your boyfriend, I am not your master’s slave. So, you can uppercase his pronouns on his orders—his, his, his—all you like, but you can’t order me to uppercase his pronouns. Which I probably would’ve done if you hadn’t told me I must. (I usually capitalize “Master” and “Mistress” and “Dom,” too, but I’m making an exception for your master, as I’m kind of annoyed.) Now, your boyfriend having to call and beg him (your master) when he (your boyfriend) wants to have sex with you (the person who annoyed me just now), that would be hot… if your boyfriend was into it… which he’s not. So, tell your master involving your boyfriend is a hard limit. And if your master can’t respect that limit, end things with him. If you can’t bear the thought and you’re willing to deceive both men in your life, well, you could buy a burner phone, impersonate your boyfriend’s voice, and pray you don’t get caught. How do I convince straight men that constantly pumping me full of vacuous, superficial compliments is not a substitution for a personality, a conversation, or flirting? By refusing to fuck them, one vacuous, superficial, meaningless-compliment-spewing straight guy at a time. (That said, compliments > negging.) Urban dictionary and most folks consider ‘cocksucker’ to be an insult. Most of us consider “muffdiver,” on the other hand, to be a compliment. Is there a complimentary term for someone who sucks cock? “Husband material.” Do you owe your romantic partner 100% honesty about everything? No. Best advice for newlyweds? See previous question. My husband of more than 20 years once told me he’d prefer to be the one initiating all sexual contact between us. It was fine as long as I didn’t think about it too much. Recently, I have begun to feel restrained by this and it has become a big problem for us. Is this a common hang-up for straight guys? Our sex life was really good for a long time, but I suddenly feel zero agency. He feels bad about it, too, but we can’t seem to get past it. Your thoughts? Sounds like your husband needs to see a therapist; preferably a sex-positive therapist, and preferably in 1998. Your husband might think women aren’t supposed to feel lust, and so a woman who initiates is a turn-off, or your husband might be uncomfortable—as some men are—being the object of desire, so you initiating turns him off. One or the other, both or neither, he needs to see a shrink. Is it okay to keep seeing someone who caught feelings for you when it’s not mutual? I’ve communicated where I’m at emotionally and reiterated that this isn’t exclusive. Am I doing my friend a disservice by continuing to see them? I don’t want to give up my only intimate outlet but being kind is more important to me. It’s okay to keep seeing/fucking someone who caught feelings for you. But since you can’t know how that person is really feeling—they might be miserable and hiding it because they hope your feelings will change if they can just fuck you long enough—then calling it off is the kinder choice. Should I keep fucking my best friend who doesn’t want to be more than friends? If you’re enjoying the sex, you’re not feeling used, and you don’t have false hopes, yes. If you’re hoping the sex will lead to something more, no. My previously very sub maso partner now has PTSD after a workplace injury. No idea if his relationship to pain will ever reset so we can play again. I can deal, but this is a big part of what got us together in the first place. Like a horny new dad whose wife is still recovering from the trauma of childbirth… you’ll have to deal while your partner heals. And if your partner can never again enjoy the kind of pain play that brought you together, you can explore less physically intense—and potentially triggering—kinds of pain play, perhaps supplemented with more intense psychological play. Mind fucks, humiliation, degradation, e.g., emotional sadomasochism. Negotiated carefully, rolled out slowly. I want something very specific done to me sexually, but I don’t want to ask for it. I don’t think it would be as hot if I asked for it. I need to “inception” the idea. How do I do it? At your own peril. Send your question to mail@savagelove.net

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