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Asked and Answered

Dear Readers: I hosted an “Ask Me Anything” at Savage.Love last week, where I answered as many questions as I could in 90 minutes. Here are some of the questions I didn’t get to before the buzzer sounded… 30s lesbian in a non-monogamous sexless marriage here. Do you think it’s ever possible to re-spark a … Read More »

Ask Me Anything!

That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who joined! All of the Qs Dan was able to answer are below. Have feedback on how we can improve future AMAs? Send us a note at TSARY@savage.love! — TSARY (1:30) Hi Dan, How do I get the courage to break up? I’ve tried to do it a few … Read More »

Size Peace

I’m a 41-year-old lesbian. Back when I was 26, I weighed 125 pounds and had a girlfriend. Sex with “Amy” was mind-blowing. Amy was exactly my type from head to toe, and she had more experience than me, so she really opened me up sexually. Our physical chemistry was off the charts. Unfortunately, Amy and … Read More »

Coming Around

I’m a straight cis woman who could never orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. But suddenly I am able to come just from vaginal penetration now that I’m reached middle-aged! This was never the case for me before — I could never come from PIV all by itself — and I’ve never heard another cis woman talk … Read More »


The full Maxi column is free to all today! If you enjoy “Savage Love,” consider supporting the column by becoming a Magnum or Column Only Sub at savage.love/subscribe!  -TSARY 1. You suggested stocking up on abortion pills NOW for friends in the future because they could wind up being banned. I naively thought a ban … Read More »


I found out by accident that my husband is emotionally cheating on me with his ex. I know you are critical of the concept of emotional cheating, but I’m talking about long love letters explaining that he wishes he would have married her, how she is the best person in the world, how he will … Read More »

Struggle Session: Waiting On PIV, Getting Into Pegging, My Biphobic Garbage, An Update From a Caller, and More…

Welcome to Struggle Session, my weekly back-and-forth-and-back-again with Savage Love readers and Savage Lovecast listeners! Laura wasn’t sure where to leave this comment — about a recent Lovecast caller’s concerns — so she dropped it into the comment thread on last week’s Struggle Session, which was the perfect place to leave it… Not sure this … Read More »